Phones Plus Referral Program

Word of Mouth

To put it simply, no advertising is more critical than your satisfaction.

At Phones Plus, we have always known the importance of “word of mouth” referrals. The excellent service, high-performance products, and good will we consistently show our customers is our largest source of growth.

What would it take for you to recommend Phones Plus to another business in your network of connections? Remember, these are your friends, acquaintances, and business partners, and they are looking to you for good advice. The one thing you don’t want to become is the person who steers them in the wrong direction.

That is why our Referral Programs always begin with one thing in mind: doing the best job possible for your company. If we don’t solve your problems, do it quickly and at a fair price, as well as complete our work in an atmosphere of outstanding customer service, why would you refer us to anyone?

Referral Programs

If you have appreciated our work and you wish to refer us to another company, please let us know that you have done so.

Throughout the year we run various referral programs. When you provide a referral that results in new work for Phones Plus, we want to thank you. We can do this by adding extra hours to your maintenance agreement, keeping you aware of special prices unavailable to the general public, and more.

Call us at 412-795-1860, or visit our Contact Us page and complete the form, checking the Referral Program box. One of our customer service representatives will be in touch with you to let you know about our current Referral Programs options.

And if you have been referred to Phones Plus, please make us aware of that as well. We want to take the best care of you possible. Remember: Phones Plus is dedicated to bringing a vast array of telecommunication solutions to meet your individual needs.

Choose from an array of business phone systems, security systems, voicemail, VOIP, CCTV surveillance system option, pay phones, and more. We even offer experienced project management, wiring and cabling and network solutions.