Cabling Networking

Your business is expanding. You’ve rented more suites, purchased a new building, or perhaps construction is under way for great new offices. Whether you are upsizing, downsizing, or relocating, cabling and wiring, including network cabling, should be at the top of your concerns.

Are you ready to keep your business running smoothly, no matter the moves, additions, or changes to your phone system and computer network?

At Phones Plus our experience includes network cabling and wiring with CAT 3, CAT 5, and CAT 6 cabling, as well as pre-terminated fiber optics, video, and low voltage. We’ve helped businesses with moves, integrated new offices and new employees with existing phone networks, and made certain relocated offices keep their old extensions. All without a hitch.

We’ve even helped businesses downsize their phone systems for greater efficiency and lower cost.

Wiring Capabilities

Enjoy the cost savings possible when Phones Plus provides wiring and cabling for your business phone systems, security systems, and computer networks all at once! Phones Plus is experienced with Cat3, Cat5 and Cat6 Cable, Fiber Optic, Sound & Video, and Low voltage.

Why Phones Plus?

At Phones Plus, we know that communications technology is about more than just network cabling and phones, and we offer expert assistance in: System Network Design and Implementation.

That means we can solve your computer application and networking problems too, including:

  • Network Cabling
  • Network Engineering Support
  • Networking Services/Connectivity
  • Basic Installation & Configuration
  • Routers, Hubs, Switches and Patch Panels
  • Project Management
  • Phone Support
  • Technical Training
  • Security Assessment and Support

Visit our Contact Us page and Phone Plus will give you a FREE Cost Savings Analysis at your convenience! We do our best to accommodate our customers’ needs within the same day and most areas within 24 hours.