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Phone Plus PACan a Telephone System Company
Make it Simple? 

Does your project manager cringe when she has to make a change in your business phone system? 

Is your home-based business struggling to get by with outdated phones?

Phones Plus Has the Solutions You Need. 

Phone Plus PA

Advancing technology has given you too many choices.  The possibilities are endless , and that can be a problem.  Contact Phones Plus today.  We make it simple.  We understand the problems you face every day:

  • Too many costly phone lines, but no one knows which ones are really needed.
  • Your business is expanding and new offices must be wired and integrated seamlessly with the old.
  • Your company is downsizing and you can’t afford to lose customers in the switch to smaller and more efficient business phone system.
  • Your voicemail boxes are so difficult to use your company is losing calls.
  • Inefficiently used lines dedicated to faxes and computer modems are costing you money.
  • Customer service reps complain of badly distributed calls, missed calls, and neck strain from being on the phone all day.

Phones Plus is well versed in the latest solutions from Avaya, Nortel, Toshiba, and Vertical.  Visit our Service/Maintenance page to learn more.

Visit our Contact Us page.  It is possible to have an experienced, knowledgeable business phone systems representative sit down with you and offer the answers you need, at an affordable price, without overselling you on a host of features and you will never use.

At Phones Plus, we are proud of our ability to supply great results. 

Call us today at 412-795-1860.

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